Friday, July 10, 2009

another bagel picture...

Here's another picture sent to me by Aly, one of my regular customers and a darned good photographer.

I'm working on a new flavor combination involving garlic, onion, and basil with an egg wash holding salt and garlic flakes on the top. The taste testers liked it, so I'll probably work it into the rotation in the upcoming weeks. It's not anything really new since I use all the ingredients in other bagel combinations, so this is more like mashing a couple of different bagel flavors together.

I'm also thinking about chocolate chip bagels. I know that with the warm weather it wouldn't be possible to have them out right now, but I can always do up a batch and keep it in the cooler for my taste testers. I'll do up a batch tomorrow, time permitting.

Friday, July 3, 2009

no bagels for this weekend's market...

Obligations at home are preventing me from making it to the Lawrence Farmer's Market this weekend, apologies to anyone hunting for me on Saturday. I should be there the following weekend as usual.