Friday, August 22, 2008

New Bagel Flavor-Salt Bagels!

This weekend I'm introducing salt bagels, a plain bagel topped with an egg wash and pretzel salt.  I'll only have half a dozen, so if you want to try one I suggest you get to Farmer's Market early.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Bagel Pretzels for Market

After a couple of prototypes, I've decided that although I might make a good home pretzel, they just don't stay good long enough for market.  I'd have better luck just making a salt bagel.  This does free me up to make home pretzels with lots of melted butter and the pretzel salt added last, which is as it should be. Unfortunately they don't stay fresh overnight well enough to work for market.

Today I got a cherry pitter, and may try the cherry almond bagels again with fresh cherries to see if that improves the flavor.  Dried cherries just don't convey the flavor enough to my liking.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bagel pretzels

My new project are bagel pretzels.  Larger than usual, stretched out into a big open ring and salted.  The test bagel pretzels had sesame seeds and kosher salt.  I'm going to order some pretzel salt online and continue the experiment.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Irregular Update

I'm updating mostly because I haven't in awhile.  

I have a new vinyl banner that says "FRESH BAGELS" that I got on ebay.  Ironically enough my canopy hangs too low to hang it above, so it's on the front of the table.  Works for me.

A few weeks ago I did a cherry almond bagel that looks pretty but I think needs better cherry flavoring before putting back in rotation.  I've done bacon cheddar successfully and included it in the rotation, changed the jalapeno cheddar so it's easier to produce and only rotate it in occasionally, and have switched to all bagels and no bread at the booth for production reasons.  

I also introduced a new size of bagel, the large.  It is equal to three regular bagels, the giant is equal to six.  I generally only bring 2 larges and a giant to market each weekend.

I'm experimenting with a sort of pretzel, the starting ball of dough is 6 oz (my regular bagels are about 4 oz), and I'll try combinations of sesame seeds and salt on them.  The objective is to get a good savory taste that is sorta pretzel, but lasts longer.  Real good pretzels aren't much good the next day, and I have to bake the previous evening.

More later.